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Information about COVID-19 for New Americans (English) (Spanish/Español) (Haitian-Creole/Kreyòl Ayisyen) (Korean/한국어) (Russian/Pусский) (Chinese/中文) (Bengali/বাঙালি)

ONA has prepared this flyer to ensure that immigrants and refugees are well informed during the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). In addition to what is in the flyer, here are two important points to keep in mind for our communities:

  • NYS DOH has provided updated guidance on Medicaid coverage and reimbursement in light of COVID-19. According to DOH, COVID-19 testing, evaluation, and treatment will be provided under Emergency Medicaid. This means all low-income individuals, regardless of immigration status, will have these services covered.

  • Many immigrants may express fear that accessing health services related to COVID-19 will count against them in a “public charge” test if they are looking to adjust their immigration status with USCIS. It is important to always refer individuals to an attorney for their particular case, however, according to recent USCIS policy, medical services provided due to COVID-19 will NOT be counted under the “public charge” test. In addition, unemployment benefits and stimulus payments received under COVID-19 will also be exempt from the “public charge” test. It is important to remind anyone seeking medical care or receiving public benefits related to COVID-19 that they should keep copies of any related documents and receipts in case these are requested by USCIS.

COVID-19 Resource Guide

ONA has compiled this statewide resource guide to address the increased need for basic services and assistance (housing, funds, food, etc.) in the immigrant community as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This guide includes information on funds, food pantries, and mutual aid groups which are available regardless of an individual’s immigration status.

NY COVID-19 resources

Do you need immigration assistance?

The NYS Office for New Americans (ONA) provides free services to all immigrants in New York State. Find out more on how to access these resources. Available in multiple languages:

(English) (Spanish/Español) (Haitian-Creole/Kreyòl Ayisyen) (Korean/한국어) (Russian/Pусский) (Chinese/中文) (Bengali/বাঙালি) (Urdu/ اُردُو)

Know Your Rights

This flyer provides guidance for immigrants when confronted by federal immigration enforcement agents. Available in multiple languages.

(English) (Spanish/Español) (Haitian-Creole/Kreyòl Ayisyen) (Korean/한국어) (Russian/Pусский) (Chinese/中文) (Bengali/বাঙালি)

Ramirez June Developmental Disabilities Navigator Initiative

This flyer has information on connecting new Americans with developmental disabilities and their families to resources and services in New York State.

[English] [Spanish] [Chinese] [Korean] [Russian] [Bengali] [Haitian Creole]

The Ramirez June Developmental Disabilities Navigator Initiative is a collaboration between the NYS Developmental Disabilities Planning Council (DDPC) and the NYS Office for New Americans (ONA) to help affirm the dignity, value, respect, contribution, and worth of all New Yorkers with developmental disabilities by assisting new Americans with developmental disabilities and their families to connect with needed resources, information, and services. The ONA Developmental Disabilities Navigator is available to conduct targeted outreach and trainings for new Americans and service providers. Contact to connect with this initiative or schedule a presentation.

Recording of “Human Trafficking and New Americans with Disabilities-Awareness and Prevention” training webinar hosted by the ONA Ramirez June Initiative, January 26, 2021

Making New York State Welcoming for New Americans with Disabilities During COVID-19
Article by the ONA Ramirez June Initiative, published in the February 2021 Department of State, Division of Community Services/CSBG Newsletter.