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Citizenship formsBecome a U.S. Citizen

Every foreign-born New Yorker who is eligible and yearns to be a U.S. citizen should be supported in attaining their dream.

ONA Opportunity Centers assist New Americans with the naturalization process. New York is the first State government to use specially-designed software that makes applying for citizenship easier and faster. Moreover, we provide lawyers at our ONA Opportunity Centers with the resources to help eligible applicants overcome the many legal hurdles to citizenship.

Only attorneys or individuals/organizations accredited by the U.S. Bureau of Immigration Appeals can assist you in completion of naturalization applications and fee waivers. Beware of immigration scams (link to the immigration fraud webpage).

Call the ONA multi-lingual, toll-free hotline for general questions about immigration and naturalization requirements, procedures and benefits: 1-800-566-7636

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